Bruce Wells Art - "Coach"
' Who said Shovelnose '" Just Duck Key "" Save a Place for Me on Pigeon Key "" Awe Nuts "
" Dolphin's Day "" Weedline Day "" Schools in Session"" Sun and Shade at Coral Ledge "
" Safe Harbor - St. Marten "" Keys Please '" Peachtree St. on Grassy Key "" Surf Shack "
" Vaca Cut - Gulf View "" The Pelican Motel at Grassy Key " " First Watch "" Walter & Emma Kitchings House "
" To Sail or Knot "" The Sun Has Sunk But Lingers Still "" Nice Teeth: Now only if I had a brain, coral that is. ""Where Have All The Lobster Gone?
"Did You Say Longneck?  I'll Take One!"A Frayed Knot""Redbeard's Career Was Shortlived"'A Blue Lobster Only Comes Along Once In A Blue Moon"
"Oh, Bouy" "Life is good!"" Yellow "" Mellow "
" Harry the Heron "" Sushi for Supper "" Red Sky at Night"Artist in Action -